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David Sheen is an independent journalist and filmmaker born in Canada, now reporting from Israel*Palestine. His work focuses primarily on racial tensions and religious extremism. In 2017, Sheen was named a FLD Human Rights Defender, the only person in Israel to receive that honor in a decade. [ BIOGRAPHY ]

Sheen also lectures on the topics that he reports on. Since 2014, he has spoken at dozens of college campuses throughout the USA and Canada, and for European parliaments and civil society groups. To invite Sheen to give a presentation for your school or community group, contact him directly. [ LECTURES ]

David Sheen is currently facing a SLAPP suit from one of the people he has reported on. In response, 100+ journalists and journalist unions from Israel*Palestine and around the world have expressed their solidarity with Sheen. Learn about the case, and if you are a fellow journalist, co-sign this letter of solidarity. [ SOLIDARITY ]

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