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Investigative journalist David Sheen lectures on the topics that he reports on, and since 2014, he has spoken at dozens of college campuses throughout the USA and Canada, and for European parliaments and civil society groups. To invite Sheen to speak in your community: d [at] davidsheen [dot] com

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False Messiah's Donkey

False Messiah's Donkey

Israel*Palestine is the place that the followers of the arch-racist Rabbi Meir Kahane terrorize non-Jews, with the objective of ethnically cleansing the country, so they can create a racially and religiously pure Jewish theocracy. But New York is the place that Kahane was born and raised, the place that the first preached his theology of hate, the place where he first rose to political prominence - and the place where he still has legions of followers and funders. In fact, without huge infusions of financial support from New Yorkers, the Kahane movement would have long since floundered and failed. So why don't American politicians - even ostensibly liberal lawmakers from the Democratic Party - end the gravy train that's fueling the most racist and most murderous movement in modern Jewish history? The latest lecture from investigative journalist and human rights defender David Sheen.

First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles • Los Angeles, CA • 5.2022
(5:40) Ateret Cohanim: 100% Kahanist
(2:58) Kahane & the Orthodox Establishment
(8:17) Dov Hikind: Democrats’ #1 terror supporter
(4:29) Rabbi Avi Weiss & Rabbi Meir Kahane
(5:15) Kahanist Takeover: Ronn Torossian
(12:34) New York’s most racist rabbis & the Democratic Party
(3:47) Kahanist Takeover: Shmuel Sackett
(3:36) The Democratic Party's Kahanist faction

El-Nakam Bombers

El-Nakam Bombers

Three decades after the death of Rabbi Meir Kahane, the movement that bears his name - and the unabashed advocacy for ethnic cleansing that he championed - are firmly ensconced in Israeli politics. But while most of the killers to come out of the Kahanist camp (more than twenty in number) have been dealt at least some form of punishment, those that murdered Palestinian-American activist Alex Odeh outside Los Angeles in 1985 have never had to answer for their crimes. Until now: investigative journalist and human rights defender David Sheen dug deep where the FBI could not go, and where Israel's Shin Bet didn't want to, unearthing enough evidence to put Odeh's assassins behind bars for the rest of their lives. But is there political will on either side of the Atlantic to act on it?

Arab American Community Center • Orange County, CA • 5.2022
(11:18) Israeli Politics Explainer
(22:05) Kahanist Killers of Alex Odeh
(22:05) Testimony of Moshe V
(15:13) Dancing Israelis and FBI Operation Stow Biz
(5:38) Of all real estate brokers – Yair Pinhas Attali
(8:46) Neal Sher: From the DOJ to AIPAC to funding Kahanists



Followers of Rabbi Meir Kahane were once among America's most active terrorists, but their capacity was crushed in 2001, when the FBI arrested the Jewish Defense League leadership over a plot to bomb a California mosque and assassinate an Arab-American congressman. Ever since, the JDL's been mostly dormant in the US, but in Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories, Kahane's eliminationist ideology has more adherents than ever. In 2021, Kahane's followers were voted into the Knesset, Israel's legislature; from there, they incited race riots that Israel's police chief called a "Jewish intifada". Instead of denying them platforms from which to promote their race wars, Israeli media outlets are now giving the Kahanists more airtime than any other political party, ensuring that their popularity will only continue to rise. A sobering report from investigative journalist and human rights defender David Sheen.

Busboys and Poets • Arlington, VA • 5.2022
(1:05:53) KAHANISTAN
(8:46) Mass murder mainstreamed
(4:26) Aiding and abetting the worst of the worst
(10:16) Generations of racist rule in Jerusalem
(3:23) Aryeh King & Muhammad Abu Khdeir
(6:45) The Templar Takeover
(12:17) From terrorists to lawyers to MPs
(15:35) The Kahanist comeback: Jewish Power
(4:51) May 2021 anti-Palestinian pogrom
(4:21) Isaac Herzog's referendum vote

Messiah Mode

Messiah Mode

The far-right is in ascendancy all over the globe, and in Israel, factions once excoriated as political pariahs for being too racist -- even by Israeli standards -- have been welcomed into the halls of power by the government itself. Why does Netanyahu's ruling Likud party rehabilitate the most reactionary American-born rabbis and their local acolytes at the vanguard of Israel's eliminationist movement? How have their extensive efforts to turn all of Israel*Palestine (and territories beyond) into a single racially pure religious state escaped the attention of the mainstream media, for decades? A scandalous report from inside Jewish Israeli society by local journalist and human rights defender David Sheen that will leave you demanding answers -- and action -- before it's too late.

University of Zurich • Zurich, CH • 11.2019
(1:27:00) MESSIAH MODE
(10:17) Israel's top military academy
(9:34) Jewish Defense League: Anti-Blackness
(4:45) Jewish Defense League: Deadly Violence
(6:03) Jewish Defense League: Holocaust Abuse
(4:56) Kahane's Legislative Agenda
(4:21) Kahane's Templar Chief Rabbi
(13:57) Suspected Assassins of Alex Odeh
(4:45) Netanyahu running cover for Kahanists

Palestine Center • Washington, DC • 10.2019
(1:16:23) The Rise, Fall and Rise of Israel's Biggest Racists



A pitched war of words is being waged between prominent African Americans and Jewish Americans over how best to respond to increasing racism in both the US and Israel, egged on respectively and collectively by Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu. Nearly absent in this conversation are the lived experiences of black folks who actually inhabit Jewish spaces -- in the USA, in Israel and in the occupied Palestinian territories. An examination of the complex relationship history between these groups -- Blacks and Jews, and Black Jews -- sheds much-needed light on the treatment meted out to communities of color under Israeli ethnocracy, foremost among them indigenous Palestinians. A 100-minute multimedia lecture from local journalist and human rights defender David Sheen.

Uncle Bobbie's Coffee & Books • Philadelphia, PA • 3.2019
(21:44) Slavery & Jewry
(6:53) Four kinds of Jews
(15:38) African Hebrews
(14:03) African Jews
(45:05) African Refugees
(9:23) The story of Ablel Tsegay
(9:15) Pogromists in the Parliament

Auburn Avenue Research Library • Atlanta, GA • 3.2019
(28:55) Where was God during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade

Israeli Politics Decoded

Israeli Politics Decoded

Gaza is eviscerated. Apartheid is entrenched in the West Bank. Inside official Israel, the ruling party openly promotes racial hatred towards Arabs and Africans. How popular are these belligerent policies amongst Israeli Jews? And how can we make sense of Israeli politics -- where dozens of parties run for parliament, and double-digits get in -- with wild swings, seemingly, in who holds power? Data visualizations of Israeli public opinion polls reveal patterns, while English translations of Israel's internal discourse reveal how those trends are expressed and experienced in our everyday lives. No easy answers here, but an unflinching interrogation and a compelling analysis of the state of Israel*Palestine under Trump and Netanyahu, from local journalist and human rights defender David Sheen.

De Balie cultural center • Amsterdam, NL • 12.2018
(8:33) In Israel, what we learn about war and women
(7:06) The Jewish Templars and what they really want
(6:46) What is and isn't in the Torah and why
(6:03) How the Talmud shaped the Torah and shapes the State of Israel
(9:23) How Orthodox Jews learned to stop worrying and love political Zionism
(4:45) Trump's Eliminationist policy makers on Palestine
(6:00) Israel's war on Africans 7
(10:17) Hated more than either Palestinians or Africans
(5:45) An 'actual plague' for which Israel's leaders are trying to find 'a solution'

Charles University • Prague, CZ • 11.2018
(19:55) Israeli Parliament Decoded
(19:55) Dešifrování izraelského parlamentu

House of Literature • Oslo, NO • 3.2018
(7:13) Alternative to Netanyahu

Scripps College • Claremont, CA • 11.2017
(22:32) NNN-1: No Longer Apologizing
(13:51) NNN-2: Netanyahu's NEXT Normal
(7:18) What Israelis feel for Barack Obama
(6:05) Bezalel Smotrich & his Decision Plan

Spelman College • Atlanta, GA • 11.2017
(14:25) NNN-3: Daring to Compare
(3:21) Israel's War on Africans 6

Emory University • Atlanta, GA • 11.2017
(24:23) NNN-4: Israeli Discourse on Nazi Germany
(4:25) Netanyahu makes Nazi comparisons

Bolivar Hall of the Venezuelan Embassy • London, UK • 10.2017
(14:45) NNN-5: The Harshest Criticism
(1:18) Israel's High Court is no bastion of liberalism
(1:30) Media on Trump & on Netanyahu

Sverige Sallen • Stockholm, SE • 10.2017

University of Arizona • Tucson, AZ • 3.2017
(7:43) Israeli Economics
(2:36) Israel's Top Cops
(10:04) Israel's Rape Epidemic
(15:49) Israel's War on Africans 5
(4:46) Occupation World Champions
(2:15) The 4 Sides of the Israeli*Palestinian Conflict
(8:29) Liberal Zionism
(9:48) Education for Elimination
(8:44) Justification for Killing Babies
(4:32) Changing Religion

University of New Orleans • New Orleans, LA • 10.2015
(21:35) BBB-1: Boycotting Israel / Israel Boycotting
(2:45) The Qaadan case & the loophole law

Pitzer College • Claremont, CA • 10.2015
(6:28) BBB-2: Jewish Dominionists: Firebombers

McGill University • Montreal, QU • 11.2015
(8:37) BBB-3: Jewish Dominionists: Chabad

Unitarian Church • Richmond-upon-Thames, UK • 11.2015
(5:06) BBB-4: Jewish Dominionists: Jewish Home Party

Zaytuna College • Berkeley, CA • 10.2015
(12:24) BBB-5: Jewish Dominionists: Lehava

Marygrove College • Detroit, MI • 11.2015
(3:50) BBB-6: Israeli exports: Anti-miscegenation

Brooklyn College • New York, NY • 11.2015
(14:37) BBB-7: Israel's War on Africans 4

Our Savior Lutheran Church • Milwaukee, WI • 10.2015
(13:20) BBB-8: Operation African Wild Ass

Emory University • Atlanta, GA • 11.2015
(12:15) BBB-9: Homophobia & Pinkwashing

University of Missouri • Columbia, MO • 11.2015
(10:21) BBB-10: Dissidents & Democracy

School of Oriental & African Studies • London, UK • 10.2015

O'Reilly Theatre • Dublin, IE • 7.2015
(46:23) Incited in Israel, Inflicted on Gaza
(7:17) Israeli government Jewish Home faction
(2:09) No chance of change from inside Israel
(1:54) Racism in Dimona, present-day Israel

University of Southern Maine • Portland, ME • 3.2015

University of Waterloo • Waterloo, ON • 2.2015
(1:30) Connection Between Netanyahu & Lehava
(8:03) Measuring Racism: Israeli Education

McMaster University • Hamilton, ON • 3.2015
(38:47) War on Arabs, War on Africans
(8:55) Behind Israel's Protective Edge
(24:32) War on Africans
(4:00) Jewish Refugees & African Infiltrators
(3:15) Stealing from the Poorest of the Poor
(3:33) Israeli Leaders & White Supremacy

College of Staten Island • New York, NY • 3.2015
(39:54) War on Love
(7:41) Schools Segregated, Hatred Integrated
(2:26) Wasserman-Schultz on Intermarriage
(2:03) Political Points for Opposing Intermarriage
(4:20) Love & Hate in Mandatory Palestine
(3:30) Inspired by Phineas

University of Calgary • Calgary, AB • 3.2015
(4:04) Thieves in the Temple

University of Western Ontario • London, ON • 2.2015
(3:20) A War Going On At Home

German Parliament • Berlin, DE • 10.2014
(25:16) Israeli incitement
(2:17) Israeli attacks on African refugees
(4:37) Might condemning Israeli racism just make it increase?
(1:11) What about the Israeli left?
(3:34) Which Israeli parties can we partner with for peace?

University of South Florida • Tampa, FL • 10.2014
(34:53) Black-washing & sex-washing
(13:41) Africans in Israel without privilege
(2:42) Who's responsible for rape in Israel

Florida International University • Miami, FL • 10.2014
(33:46) Incite to hate

Harvard University • Boston, MA • 10.2014
(15:20) On Israeli racism

European Parliament • Brussels, BE • 9.2014
(12:31) Israeli incitement

Russell Tribunal on Palestine • Brussels, BE • 9.2014
(32:31) Israeli incitement

Simon Fraser University • Vancouver, BC • 3.2014
(4:16) ADL silently supports Israeli racism
(6:26) African Hebrews & the State of Israel
(4:28) Israeli camps for African refugees

TEDxJohannesburg • Johannesburg, ZA • 10.2010
(17:23) The future of architecture

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University of California at Los Angeles • Los Angeles, CA
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Georgetown University • Washington, DC
University of Delaware • Newark, DE
University of Central Florida • Orlando, FL
Florida State University • Tallahassee, FL
University of Chicago • Chicago, IL
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