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DAVID SHEEN: Questions & Answers

When he lectures at college campuses and communities around the world, David Sheen is often asked questions on the topics he reports on, and about the Israel*Palestine conflict in general. Below are a list of links to video footage from many of these Question-and-Answer sessions. To invite Sheen to give a presentation for your school or community group, contact him at realdavidsheen [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

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Auburn Avenue Research Library • Atlanta, GA • 3.2019
(3:54) Chronicling Culpability

De Balie cultural center • Amsterdam, NL • 12.2018
(3:15) How is religion usurping the state when most Israelis are not religious?
(6:27) Is Israel close to becoming a full-blown theocracy?
(2:57) The Domination endgame versus the Elimination endgame
(3:07) What happened to the religious left? Like Yeshayahu Leibowitz z"l?
(3:46) The greatest challenges in reporting on Israeli racism
(4:09) If the situation there is so bad, then why do you still live in Israel?

House of Literature • Oslo, NO • 3.2018
(4:30) The lengths necessary to publish on Israeli racism

Circolo Arci Bellezza • Milan, IT • 10.2017
(2:53) Room for Jews in Palestine

Bolivar Hall of the Venezuelan Embassy • London, UK • 10.2017
(2:49) Lured by Liberman, Tempted by Bennett
(2:05) Defining Zionism
(3:19) Anti-semitism + Anti-zionism
(6:58) Relevance of Rape Culture

Old Ground Hotel • Ennis, IE • 10.2017
(4:32) Is integrating Israel*Palestine possible?

Emory University • Atlanta, GA • 11.2015
(2:45) Why a Shift to the Right

Unitarian Church • Richmond-upon-Thames, UK • 11.2015
(2:31) Why a Shift to the Right (2)
(2:06) Is it dangerous for you a a journalist?

University of Missouri • Columbia, MO • 11.2015
(2:35) Why Don't You Talk About
(3:38) Reasons for Israeli racism
(2:41) For or Against 2 States

Marygrove College • Detroit, MI • 11.2015
(3:48) Speaking out on Israel

Pitzer College • Claremont, CA • 10.2015
(2:05) English translations of Israeli incitement
(10:26) Hard to believe how bad Chabad hates non-Jews

United Reformed Church • Richmond-upon-Thames, UK • 7.2015
(6:35) Zionists Minimize Israeli Racism

Simon Fraser University • Vancouver, CA • 3.2014
(2:37) How did Israel add to the African refugee problem?
(5:12) How do you deal with Israeli racism?
(2:56) What can we do to stop Israel's war on Africans?

Trinity College • Hartford, US • 3.2014
(1:19) How do Israeli racists know which Africans aren't Jews?
(2:21) How do other Africans react to Israel's war on refugees?
(2:47) Why isn't Israel's war on Africans being reported?