SHATNEZ Tours of Israel*Palestine with local journalist David Sheen
On SHATNEZ Tours you'll learn about the peoples living in the land today and the colorful cultures that enriched it throughout history, from the first hominid hunter-gatherers to emerge from Africa to the two halves of the population presently contesting for control of the country, plus lots of competing empires in between. Follow SHATNEZ on Telegram and E-mail SHATNEZ to experience Israel*Palestine with local journalist DAVID SHEEN as your guide.

½ day Tour of HAIFA


½ day Tour of ACRE


Full Day Tour of the GALILEE


Full Day Tour of the NEGEV



SECULAR SKEPTIC Tour of the Holy Land

WHY SHATNEZ? In the Torah, SHATNEZ is the strange name given to clothing made from two different types of fibers: threads culled from animals, like wool, and threads harvested from plants, like linen. Some Jews frown upon these hybrid vestments and other forms of intermixing, but this Jew sees SHATNEZ as a positive concept, and aims to reclaim the word. I believe that there is no separate thread, no solitary narrative that explains all of history -- in this land or in any other. In order to best understand this country's past, present, and future, we need a much richer picture of our composite reality; we need to study multiple perspectives. We need SHATNEZ!