SHATNEZ Tours of Israel*Palestine with local journalist David Sheen

After three thousand years of human habitation, the city was rebuilt three centuries ago as HAIFA al-JADIDA (New HAIFA) at a rare moment in history when the country was independent and prosperous, Muslim and multi-cultural. Trek through time with SHATNEZ TOURS as we travel across town by foot and public transport (across streets, underground and through the air =) Hear how New HAIFA was usually ruled by regional empires, either Egypt or Turkey, but intermittently invaded by forces from as far west as France and as far east as India. See how the city became a hothouse for Islamic innovators from Persia and Pakistan, and how a sci-fi novel authored by an Austrian-Jewish journalist predicted and inspired HAIFA's twentieth-century transformation into Israel's industrial capital. Explore what remains of the city's Palestinian presence, and how the ongoing struggles over the character of the country play out on the streets of HAIFA to this very day. Bring along a few friends and treat yourselves to a half-day SHATNEZ TOUR of HAIFA hosted by local journalist DAVID SHEEN.

Bahai Gardens

Sculpture Garden

King's Landing

King's Landing

Cable car