SECULAR SKEPTIC Tours of Israel*Palestine with local journalist David Sheen

SECULAR SKEPTIC Tours of the Holy Land! Scholars have known for over a century that the original Torah texts all Abrahamic religions are based upon were not written by a single omnipotent deity, but by very human Hebrew scribes, hundreds of years after the events they depict. Thousands of years later those ancient authors are still putting their thumbs on the scales of political debates all over the planet, not to mention right here in Israel*Palestine. But here's the twist: while your grandma's tour bus sticks to the pilgrim circuit so they can reinforce religious myths, SECULAR SKEPTIC Tours take you to the sites where modern science has conclusively proven those stories to be a big fat load of hogwash! Now file away the lessons learned and head back to the beach to watch the sunset and toast this one life we're given... Ask for a SECULAR SKEPTIC Tour!

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