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DAVID SHEEN: Upcoming Talks

March 14 - Atlanta, GA - Auburn Avenue Research Library
March 15 - Atlanta, GA - Harrington Center Auditorium
March 17 - Philadelphia, PA - Uncle Bobbie's Coffee & Books
March 18 - Washington, DC - Palestine Center
March 20 - Swarthmore, PA - Swarthmore College
March 21 - New York, NY - John Jay College

Gaslight Unto the Nations
Premiere: Fall 2019

Gaslight Unto the Nations

The far-right is in ascendancy all over the globe, and in Israel, factions once excoriated as political pariahs for being too racist -- even by Israeli standards -- have been welcomed into the halls of power by the government itself. Why does Netanyahu's ruling Likud party rehabilitate the most reactionary American-born rabbis and their local acolytes at the vanguard of Israel's eliminationist movement? How have their extensive efforts to turn all of Israel*Palestine (and territories beyond) into a single racially pure religious state escaped the attention of the mainstream media, for decades? A scandalous report from inside Jewish Israeli society by local journalist and human rights defender David Sheen that will leave you demanding answers -- and action -- before it's too late.

Premiere: March 2019


A pitched war of words is being waged between prominent African Americans and Jewish Americans over how best to respond to increasing racism in both the US and Israel, egged on respectively and collectively by Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu. Nearly absent in this conversation are the lived experiences of black folks who actually inhabit Jewish spaces -- in the USA, in Israel and in the occupied Palestinian territories. An examination of the complex relationship history between these groups -- Blacks and Jews, and Black Jews -- sheds much-needed light on the treatment meted out to communities of color under Israeli ethnocracy, foremost among them indigenous Palestinians. A 100-minute multimedia lecture from local journalist and human rights defender David Sheen.

Israeli Politics Decoded
Premiere: November 2018

Israeli Politics Decoded

Gaza is eviscerated. Apartheid is entrenched in the West Bank. Inside official Israel, the ruling party openly promotes racial hatred towards Arabs and Africans. How popular are these belligerent policies amongst Israeli Jews? And how can we make sense of Israeli politics -- where dozens of parties run for parliament, and double-digits get in -- with wild swings, seemingly, in who holds power? Data visualizations of Israeli public opinion polls reveal patterns, while English translations of Israel's internal discourse reveal how those trends are expressed and experienced in our everyday lives. No easy answers here, but an unflinching interrogation and a compelling analysis of the state of Israel*Palestine under Trump and Netanyahu, from local journalist and human rights defender David Sheen.